Department of Defence

DSTO hired me to offer a colour management solution for their camouflage development and research section. For this I flew to Melbourne Australia and upon arrival at their facilities had to surrender all electronic devices that may be used to record or capture information about the research being undertaken.
They were undertaking research into camouflage patterns and colours and had a digital direct to textile printer they were using, and they needed a solution on how to measure, calculate and communicate the colour in testing, along with how to improve results on their printer.
I supplied them with a colour spectrophotometer for spectral analasis and calibration of their results, and spent a day onsite training them on the technology as well as the theory behind calibration and digital colour production and evaluation.
I dont just calibrate printers and monitors, many of my customers have hired me as a solutions and training provider.
Contact me now if you think you think I may be able to assist you – no matter how obscure your requirements

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