Testimonial: ImageKOTE


ImageKOTE are a sub division of SuperKOTE Glass. We offer bespoke one off printed architectural Glass primarily for South East Queensland.
As product development manager I wasn’t happy with the generic profile that was supplied by the printer manufacturer. Although this profile was for glass, I felt there was certain parts of the colour spectrums that were not 100% correct.
We had Michael come in and profile our machine on our glass with the correct white backing. And what a difference it has made. Having the computer monitor and the machine both profiled at the same time, I can now be 100% certain that what we see on the screen is what will be printed. This has taken a lot of the guess work out, which in turn has reduced our test prints and colour adjustments. This has offered us huge savings and freed up the printer to concentrate on production.
I cannot recommend Michael enough and would highly recommend that every printer owner should go through the procedure to profile for their media.

Steve Kinghorn
ImageKOTE – Product Development Manager

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